A Kerasilk Treatment Can Reduce the Time It Takes to Style Hair

Kerasilk treatments available through salons can significantly cut down the time it takes to style hair. Furthermore, they make dealing with frizz and kinks associated with curly, wavy or unruly textures easier while being customized specifically to each hair texture – unlike some other straightening treatments which might not.

Shea butter, known for its rich combination of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, is used in all Kerasilk formulas to add moisture and shine to hair hydration and shine. Furthermore, they’re free from sulfates or dyes for maximum safety!

Goldwell, the brand behind Kerasilk, recently reintroduced it as an effective long-term smoothing treatment that can give your locks silky results for up to five months. Stylist Harry Josh describes it as the « Goldilocks of smoothing treatments », as stylists can adjust the product according to client needs in order to obtain results that suit each one perfectly.

Kerasilk differs from other straightening treatments because it does not involve permanent chemical solutions and works on all hair textures, according to Josh. The process typically lasts three or four hours and includes consultation, washing the hair and rough drying it, applying Kerasilk treatment in small sections then blow drying into place, before flat ironing for sealing purposes before finally being rinsed, shampooed again and finished off by applying keratin sealing serum – after which styling can commence!

Kerasilk products, found at many salons, can be applied both wet and dry hair for easy reshaping of unruly curls and humidity management – common problems among clients with curly or wavy locks. McKinzie recommends it especially as a solution. Furthermore, its anti-frizz properties help de-frizz strands while de-frizzing locks is another benefit that comes from using this product on curly or wavy locks.

Long-lasting smoothing treatment made customisable and tailored specifically to each person with Shea Butter & KERASILK KeraShape Technology, for long-term natural looking smooth hair or powerful yet gentle change of shape lasting up to five months. Our 100% vegan formula transforms unruly curly, wavy or frizzy locks into the smoothest version possible with the most luxurious shine imaginable – our customizable natural-looking results range from natural looking beautiful smooth locks up to dramatic yet gradual alteration of shape that last up to five months in.

Refinement and Control services offered by Kerasilk differ significantly in that the former requires twice-rinsed product to achieve dramatic smoothing and curly reduction, while its stronger alternative does not. Malarkey typically recommends the stronger Control option because of its more dramatic smoothing effects as well as quicker service time in her salon due to no needing to rinse twice after application of product.

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