Balayage Hair Trends

Balayage hair coloring technique involves layering in-trend blonde shades onto natural or darker hair colors for an appealing, subtle result that requires fewer touch ups than traditional highlights. Balayage is an excellent solution for anyone feeling undecided about their shade as its blended effect blends effortlessly into their existing locks without the need for frequent adjustments.

Use golden balayage to add dimension and sophistication to dark brown locks for an eye-catching girl-next-door vibe on wavy hair, making your locks the envy of the neighborhood! Plus, this shade works on any haircut!

Blonde Lob with Dark Roots

If you want a blonde haircut without all of the maintenance of an all-over platinum shade, try this softly highlighted bob. It features gradual transitioning from dark roots to light tips, making touch ups less frequent while fitting both medium and long length hair styles beautifully.

Highlights woven through this bob’s warm honey hues create a flattering face-framing glow, while its seamless balayage finish completes this timeless fall look.

If you have naturally brown hair, consider asking your stylist for a subtle balayage that highlights specific strands throughout your lengths. This low-maintenance style creates full and lush-looking locks and works especially well on wavy textures; giving strands a sun-kissed appearance.

Cinnamon Balayage on Black Hair

Balayage can be an easy and low maintenance way to add some pop to dark hairstyles without needing frequent touch ups with highlights or ombre. Cinnamon strands framed by black roots give this cut its signature natural glow while darker roots add depth. Plus, this cut grows out beautifully over time without the need for frequent touch ups!

This brown balayage looks stunning on a wavy bob and conjures images of cinnamon candy. With subtle sun-kissed highlights on its ends, this look will complement any outfit and compliment your complexion beautifully.

Balayage highlights are an ideal way to add dimension and life into a brown shade because they allow your stylist to paint freely in a freehand manner, creating more natural-looking results than foil highlights. Cinnamon balayage on a brown bob brings out its warmth while the blonde bits add dimension and create a youthful glow.

Golden Blonde Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

Dark hair with blonde balayage adds dimension and shine, with its subtle gradient effect evoking natural depth and shine. When done correctly, warm blonde balayage blends effortlessly with deep chocolate brown to achieve an exquisite warm finish; warm blonde lowlights in chestnut add warmth for extra brightness in this striking brown to blonde balayage shade!

Soft Cool-Toned Ash Brown

Even the darkest brunettes can lighten their ash brown locks by adding soft cool-toned balayage highlights. Here, a neutral mocha base was lightly highlighted with soft golden blonde tones for a dreamy sun-bleached vibe. Koleston Perfect 5/0 + 4/0 was used for toning highlights while Color Touch was sprayed into roots to spray for color touch finishers – Wispy curtain bangs frame the face for a pretty look that frames it all perfectly!

Caramel Balayage on Brown Hair

Dark hair can even take advantage of the balayage trend! This warm highlighting technique creates an eye-catching statement on naturally dark brunettes with cool-toned complexions. Chocolate brown strands are highlighted with caramel and buttery blonde strokes for an eye-catching face-framing style evoking pumpkin spice vibes.

This warm brown balayage look is extremely versatile and works beautifully on both long and short styles. The luxurious color illuminates the ends of a bob, while also adding depth and dimension to an elongated lob. Furthermore, its contrast between different hues creates an eye-catching contrast on dark wavy locks – perfect for dark locks with waves!

Soft warm tones give this caramel balayage its alluring natural glow that flatters darker skin tones beautifully. Style this delightful highlighter look in a low updo for an elegant style that showcases all of its lovely color transitions!

Brown Balayage on Blonde Hair

Balayage can be as subtle or dramatic as desired, from subtle highlights on blonde hair like Suki’s caramel balayage to creating dramatic looks like her dark purple hued locks. A more natural-looking glow results from using lighter colors like caramel for your base color to achieve natural-looking highlights that blend into natural-colored locks like this example from Suki.

Dark brown balayage offers another low-commitment style for blonde strands with darker roots. Similar to ombre, this technique also requires hand painting but usually features more distinct contrast between darker and lighter tones at the ends of your strands.

If you want a fuller-looking blonde, ask your stylist to add honey-blonde balayage on both top and bottom layers of your strands for an elegant sun-kissed glow. This style works particularly well on anyone with blonde or light-brown strands and works best when hair is wavy.

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