Balayage Highlights Price Montreal

Balayage hair-painting techniques create more natural-looking highlights than traditional foil highlights. Plus, balayage can last longer between touch ups without leaving harsh lines of regrowth.

Balayage hair color also looks softer than highlights and frames your face more naturally. To maintain its beauty, use toning products that help sustain its color.


Balayage is a hair painting technique used to achieve sun-kissed highlights with more natural results than traditional foil highlights, while being less damaging for your locks as it doesn’t involve using bleach saturation on them. Balayage has become extremely popular and is preferred by many women looking to lighten their locks.

Balayage costs can differ between salons depending on your stylist’s experience level and quality of products used, as well as length of your hair; longer locks require more time for highlight sessions than shorter hair and the cost will ultimately depend on how many color tones are necessary to achieve your desired look.

On average, balayage lasts several months before needing touch up, compared to six to eight weeks for regular foil highlights. Utilizing toning products after your appointment will help prolong its longevity while keeping it vibrant and rich – as well as prevent brassy tones from developing.


Your desired length and intensity of color will ultimately dictate how long it takes for a balayage appointment to be complete. On average, expect at least two hours in the salon; this should include consultation, preparation and sectioning of hair before coloring application followed by shampoo, blow-dry and toning treatments that follow up afterwards.

Cost of balayage will depend on both the salon and colorist you choose, as well as any services included in your package. Experienced colorists typically charge more, while some salons provide additional services like styling or cutting in their packages to increase its value.

Balayage is a freehand technique used to achieve sun-kissed highlights with a natural-looking result. This low maintenance option lasts longer and grows in more gradually than foil highlights; additionally it protects hair from bleach damage while lessening damage as a result of regular touch up appointments and use of products designed for color-treated hair. Although not permanent, balayage can be maintained through regular touch up appointments as well as using specific hair care products made for color treated locks.


Foil highlights require touchups every six months in order to avoid well-defined dye lines, while balayage lasts much longer and appears more natural. Furthermore, it’s less damaging on your hair because no bleach saturates your strands at once and doesn’t leave harsh lines at the roots; depending on your length and shade of hair you may require applying a darker base color before adding highlight colors.

As part of your hair colorist’s advice, you will also require purchasing high-quality sulfate-free products to maintain vibrant and healthy locks. They may suggest the ideal products to purchase.

A professional hair colorist should be able to craft a naturally soft look that frames your face and complements your natural complexion. In addition, they will take time for an in-depth consultation so you are confident in your results and services offered by their salon – look for packages with competitive rates and packages as this may save you money in the end!


Balayage highlights are an ideal solution for anyone seeking long-term lightening without looking processed; their cost depends on factors like stylist, location and product choice.

Balayage is an innovative technique that doesn’t involve the use of foils, making it less damaging to your hair than traditional highlights. However, choosing an experienced hair colorist is essential if you want your balayage to look natural rather than clunky or overdone.

Your hair colorist will typically employ various products and techniques to achieve the desired effect, including root touch-up, toning, conditioning treatments and using color-safe products that help prolong balayage – such as avoiding shampoos with sulfates which cause faster fading as well as using leave-in conditioners that contain shea butter or coconut oil to protect your locks from further fading.

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