Bellami Hair Extensions – How to Apply Them For Best Results

Bellami Hair Extensions – How to Apply Them For Best Results

Bellami hair extensions are beloved among many women because of their quality and natural look. Available in an array of hues, Bellami extensions can easily fit any hairstyle you desire.

Bellami hair extensions are made of 100 percent human hair and undergo a special dyeing process to maintain their hue. As this may reduce lifespan and cause damage to them, dyeing these extensions is not advised.

How To Apply Them

Hair extensions are an increasingly popular choice to lengthen and add volume, but how they’re applied will have a direct impact on their effectiveness. From boutique brands like Veila or Luxy to Bellami hair extensions, proper application will lead to optimal results.

Begin by clipping your hair firmly at the top of your head to keep it out of the way as you insert wefts. Open all clips on your wefts and insert one below your parting line.

Once your wefts have been installed, be sure to run your fingers through them so as to check for lumps or bumps and to make sure there are none. Repeat this process until all wefts have been attached; once done, release and style as desired. For optimal longevity and preservation of extensions while not in use, store them using an anti-tangle carrier such as Bellami hair extension carrier; this will prevent them from becoming damaged while in storage.

The Benefits

Bellami hair extensions offer the ideal way to add volume, length, and color without subjecting your natural locks to heat damage. Crafted from high-grade Remy hair for seamless blending and luxurious shine – bellami extensions offer just what your locks need!

Extensions are highly versatile and can be styled to complement your individual look in various ways. Stylists often backcomb the roots to achieve fuller volume while layering can add dimension.

Bellami hair extensions offer long lifespan, and should be carefully washed with sulfate-free shampoo to preserve their lifespan and avoid appearing greasy or tangly. When properly cared for, Bellami can last six months with proper attention; these extensions come in natural, highlighted, ombre, balayage colors; they come in several lengths; perfect for wavy or curly locks!

The Experts

Hair extensions can help you quickly transform your look. From length, volume and dimension additions to simply amplifying natural beauty, hair extensions are an incredible tool. However, it is crucial that they are applied using the appropriate technique in order to get natural-looking results.

If you would rather leave the application of your Bellami hair extensions to someone else, Salon Deauville Is Bellami hair extension services can help you find exactly the style for you. Our stylists specialize in providing seamless results.

Brush your hair regularly using a tangle teaser brush to rid yourself of knots or tangles, and also to apply heat protectant products before using hot tools on extensions – this will minimize damage while prolonging their lifespan.

Salon Deauville

To ensure the longest possible longevity from Bellami hair extensions, it’s crucial that you select an expert salon when applying them. Make sure the stylist has experience using this brand of extensions to get optimal results for your style – for longer, fuller and thicker locks!

When applying bellami hair extensions, always use a heat protectant to minimize damage and breakage. Also avoid using any hot tools like wands and irons on them as this could damage or shorten their lifespan significantly.

Apply your bellami hair extensions correctly by following the instructions of a specialist and they can last significantly longer than when done at home on your own. With proper application techniques in place, these bellami extensions could last for over six months!

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