Best Balayage Hair Colors 2024

The top 2024 balayage hair colors aim to bring out the natural beauty of your locks. Whether it be to enhance dark brown locks or turn them blonder than ever, these trends will leave you looking stylish and feeling rejuvenated.

Cool ash blonde hues complement every skin tone and can elevate both short bob and long beachy waves styles. Add dimension to your highlights by placing lighter tones towards the front of your face for even greater depth of tone.

Ash Blonde

Light ash blonde is an accessible classic shade suitable for all hair textures and skin tones, boasting subtle shimmer while remaining easy to maintain. Create soft yet natural looks by choosing full head of balayage highlights strategically placed to frame your face or choose an ash blonde ombre to gradually transition from darker roots to lighter ends.

Add an eye-catching flourish to your blonde by opting for a vibrant copper balayage, such as apricot or strawberry copper shades. This trend works perfectly on either warm or cool skin tones, while making for striking waves or curls in curly or wavy hair!

Brunettes can try out this trend by asking their stylist to add blonde money pieces in strategically-placed areas of their mane. This face-framing technique adds dimension and lightens their mane without overwhelming dark roots; be sure to treat blonde strands with extra care by using shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for color-treated locks.

Smoky Silver

Smoky silver shades remain one of the hottest trends this year, providing brunettes with a chic way to add dimension and drama to their strands. Consult your colorist about applying a soft smoky blonde hue over your natural brown base for a timeless and modern style.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to full-on red, try opting for a feminine fruit-inspired shade like smoky blush instead. According to Rez, this feminine hue works well on every complexion while being low maintenance and best suitable for medium length hair; to enhance shine use Kerastase Soin Acide Chroma Gloss between coloring appointments for added shine.

Brunettes can experiment with an array of colors this year, from warm shades like cinnamon and caramel to cooler tones such as ash and chocolate. A soft balayage blend featuring these hues looks particularly gorgeous on any hair length but is especially complimentary on wavy or curly strands.

Platinum Blonde

This fresh take on platinum blonde features subtle blue, violet, and pink tones to create an eye-catching contrast with major shine, like that of an opalescent gemstone. According to Zoe Irwin of Hairstory as editor/colorist it « adds luminosity to an otherwise flat color. »

Covington-Bowers suggests for those wanting a more natural blonde, selecting a sun-kissed shade similar to what one may experience when spending long days at the beach. Such hues create warm and radiant tones which look especially great on those with lighter blonde or redhead locks.

For an icy blonde hue, ask your stylist for money pieces that blend in seamlessly with the rest of your locks. These face-framing pieces can be customized using various techniques like balayage and ombre; making this an excellent option if you prefer an icy hue but don’t have time to commit to an extensive bleach job.

Baby Balayage

Simply nothing elevates a chocolate brown base like adding warm blonde babylights that play up natural color variation for a sun-kissed effect. This trend is perfect for brunettes looking to update their style while maintaining its sophisticated edge.

Consider babylights the younger sister of balayage, with its lighter and subtler application. Balayage works by painting individual strands with freehand strokes for an unobtrusive highlight that blends in seamlessly.

Babylights and balayage highlight techniques offer gorgeous results; which one suits you depends solely on personal taste. Both techniques provide multidimensional hues for hair of all colors and styles, though babylights might work better with finer strands seeking less dramatic styles. Both techniques are gentler on your hair than foil highlights and require far fewer touchups for maintenance purposes; use shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for colored locks to maintain vibrant hues!

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