Blonde Balayage on Short Sleek Hair

If you prefer subtle, natural styles, blonde balayage may be perfect. This beautiful style consists of subtle blonde highlights scattered throughout dark brown locks to create an appealing contrast and softening the overall appearance.

Balayage color technique looks great on pin straight, extra curly or even wavy textured locks. Furthermore, this trend adds dimension and dimension to pixie cuts and bob haircuts.

Soft & Subtle

The balayage technique creates an effortless sun-kissed look that complements your hair color beautifully. Although low maintenance, regular touch ups every 8-12 weeks should keep it looking its best and fresh.

For an effortless and subtle balayage style, choose blonde or honey hues that create a peach tone with your skin tone. These highlights will bring depth and dimension to short and choppy cuts while creating sun-kissed glow for sunnier weather. Wear your balayage styled with loose waves or tousled strands for a casual and undone style.

For an eye-catching and textured balayage look, consider opting for darker lowlights that combine with lighter blonde strands for added contrast and depth in your balayage blonde hairstyle – something supermodel Jamie Chung is known for sporting beautifully with money piece highlights!


Balayage works beautifully on all hair colors from blonde to brunette. This technique can lighten natural blonde locks or add depth with two-tone looks featuring warm chocolate brown bases. When applying high contrast effects, take care not to use too much heat, using heat protectants where necessary, for maximum hair health and vitality.

If you’re not quite ready to fully commit to blonde balayage, consider asking your stylist for a gradual dye job that creates more of an ombre effect than just straight ombre. This face-framing blonde balayage works beautifully on curly locks for definition and youthful vibrancy.

If you love the look of platinum blonde balayage but worry about its maintenance requirements, ask your stylist to use an ash shade that blends more subtly into darker roots for a longer-lasting effect. This cool blonde hue is ideal for brunettes who wish to make a statement without undertaking the full bleach and tone process.


Cool blonde tones in your hair will instantly brighten and lighten it, especially when combined with beachy waves. Use this balayage technique to add texture and volume to thin locks or make thick ones appear lighter.

Balayage doesn’t just belong to long-haired young ladies – the freehand painting technique works wonders with short hair as well. From bob to pixie cuts, Balayage provides the ideal frame to frame your face for an eye-catching appearance and create more mesmerizing effects.

This gorgeous balayage look on short blonde hair exudes warmth and beauty, with dark brown roots seamlessly merging with warm blonde highlights for an effortlessly cool beachy style that requires only occasional salon visits (two « full » services or less frequent partial appointments) in order to maintain. Regular maintenance visits help to maintain this beachy look without brassiness!


Implement a range of warm and cool blonde shades to achieve an eye-catching, mesmerizing effect. In this balayage technique, dark brown roots with creamy blonde highlights seamlessly merge to produce an eye-catching platinum blonde finish – creating an unassuming, lived-in look that won’t require as much maintenance over time.

Rooted, bright blonde balayage works beautifully on shoulder-length bob or pixie cuts that frame the face beautifully, especially when styled with choppy layers and messy waves for an effortlessly beautiful, beachy vibe. Keep your blonde balayage looking vibrant by using color-safe products and limiting sun exposure time.

If you desire the warmth of a caramel brown hair color without dealing with root regrowth, blonde balayage could be the perfect way to achieve it. Request that your stylist smudge dark dye into light honey highlights for an easy low maintenance effect. Caramel highlights can add movement and create a naturally sun-kissed effect in classic bob haircuts for added movement and an enhanced finish.

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