Blonde Haircare Products

Blonde hair tends to be drier than other colors, requiring additional moisture-retaining ingredients in products to keep it looking shiny and manageable. Avoid harsh chemicals like sulfates that strip natural oils from your scalp while lifting the cuticle leading to increased dryness in the form of reduced cuticle moisture levels and lifted cuticle lift.

A good purple shampoo will extend the time between color treatments by neutralizing brassy warm tones and preventing yellowing. Furthermore, it should contain bond-repairing antioxidants and proteins.


Shampoo is an indispensable product that every blonde needs in order to preserve their beautiful hue. Blonde locks require extra care in order to avoid brassy, dull or yellow tones which could ruin its vibrancy and health. Purple shampoo serves as an effective color-correcting toner that neutralizes these unwanted hues and keeps the blonde hue vibrant and healthy-looking.

The best purple shampoos will contain anti-oxidants such as plant extracts to guard blonde strands from environmental aggressors, while also including humectants which draw moisture into your locks to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Purple shampoo can be drying to those with high porosity hair, so it is crucial to follow it with a conditioning treatment or hair mask in order to lock in essential moisture and avoid brassiness. Use should occur no less frequently 1-2 times each week according to individual hair tone and condition; typically those with more golden or brassy blonde hues would benefit more from frequent usage of this product.


Regular shampoo can do much to clean the scalp and remove excess oils, but for blonde locks the extra step of protecting their locks can be taken with blonde conditioner. Blonde conditioners are specially formulated to nourish, add shine, and help prevent split ends from forming; typically containing moisturizing ingredients like shea butter or argan oil to keep the locks healthy and moisturized.

As previously discussed, chlorine and UV rays can contribute to unwanted brassy tones in blonde hair, so most conditioners specifically tailored for blondes include toning pigments designed to neutralize any unwanted yellow tones and prevent their reappearance.

To maintain vibrant blonde colors, dpHUE Cool Blonde Conditioner uses violet pigments to neutralize any unwanted brassy tones and keep blonde color vibrant. Simply massage an ample amount into just-shampooed hair after shampooing and leave for several minutes before rinsing off thoroughly. Or you could try an effective yet gentle toning masque such as Silver Shine Product Family’s products which provide regular toning treatments to achieve fresh platinum looks.


As blondes tend to experience more damage than other hair types, using a nourishing hair mask at least once weekly is highly recommended for optimal hair health and freshness. Fanola No Yellow Mask can provide optimal nourishment to keep blonde and silver locks looking healthy and rejuvenated.

Deep conditioning hair treatment formulated to hydrate and nourish strands while neutralizing yellow hues and brassy tones. Furthermore, this formula features pressed grape extract that strengthens softness and shine for improved softness and shine.

Designed to reduce brassiness, this toning mask contains an array of pigments that quickly remove unwanted yellow tones. Plus, its blend of oils and jojoba oil esters works wonders in moisturizing and strengthening strands for maximum tonal correction and achieving natural looking blonde locks! We suggest applying it after shampooing for 10 minutes post-rinse and leave on for 10 more before rinsing off; best results can be achieved if combined with our No Yellow Shampoo on a weekly basis – that way your tonal correction will maximized and you’ll achieve cool natural looking blonde locks!

Styling products

No matter if your hair is natural blonde or has been treated, keeping it nourished and protected is crucial for maintaining its integrity and healthy appearance. Use moisturising conditioner and leave-in treatment products that contain moisturisers to ward off heat styling and environmental aggressors while offering optimal nourishment to protect from heat styling or extreme climates.

Toning shampoo can neutralise brassy tones in blonde, lightened or grey hair to increase brightness and reduce brassy tones, while helping extend the length and reduce fading with violet pigments. Furthermore, this formula is sulphate-free to ensure safety for coloured locks.

This toning product is ideal for blonde strands, as it eliminates yellow tones without damaging your locks and is sulfate-free. With its soothing prickly pear extract that soothes skin while also hydrating locks, this toning product works on all coloured blondes while its AntiFade Complex helps ensure healthy locks.

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