Classic Facial Benefits

Classic facial benefits include prevention of skin aging, increased circulation, improved hydration levels and relaxation. Treat yourself with professional skin therapy services!

These treatments typically consist of an analysis, extractions, steam and massage tailored specifically to address your individual skin care needs and concerns.


Cleansing is at the center of any effective skin care regime, and should form part of any daily regimen to achieve an enviable glow. Daily accumulations of dirt, oils and pollution buildup on our faces which if not cleaned away properly can contribute to filth accumulation, infections, pores clogs, excessive skin shine or dullness and other aesthetic issues that require professional intervention to resolve.

To protect the skin, it’s essential that you select an appropriate cleanser that best fits your skin type. Options available range from micellar water and foaming gels, creams, lotions and wipes. Lotion cleansers are especially great for dry or sensitive skin as they moisturize while simultaneously clearing away impurities – providing gentle daily cleansing while being creamy enough for everyday use. There are even cleansing formulas designed specifically to address specific concerns like blemishes, blackheads or fine lines.


Exfoliation helps smooth and tone the complexion. Exfoliating products such as body scrubs or body washes with exfoliating agents like sugar scrubs can do this effectively while simultaneously making other skincare products such as moisturizers work more effectively.

Physical exfoliants may include coffee grounds, jojoba beads or sugar granules that you rub against your skin to scrub away dead cells. This method works best on oilier complexions since their thicker skin can more readily tolerate larger, abrasive particles.

Chemical exfoliators can be more gentle than physical scrubs and suitable for all complexions. Chemical exfoliants contain alpha (glycolic acid, lactic acid and mandelic acid) or beta hydroxy acids like salicylic acid that work to loosen adhesion between cells to allow easier shed.


Massage provides relaxation and stress relief, as well as helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles on skin and muscles. A facial massage may even be effective at helping diminish fine lines and wrinkles!

Studies indicate that massage increases white blood cells, which help the immune system fight viruses such as colds and flus.

Detoxifies: Scheduling regular facials helps cleanse and detoxify the skin of impurities that block pores, making them particularly useful for those who struggle with oily or acne-prone complexions.

Unlock a refreshed and radiant complexion with this treatment that combines luxurious European techniques and Sothys products for optimal skin. This facial exfoliates, extracts, nourishes and hydrates the skin leaving it smooth and balanced.


Facials can be an excellent way to both cleanse your skin and relax. Scheduling regular facials will also help prevent many skin-related problems from cropping up later on.

Professional dermatologists are adept at finding products and techniques tailored specifically to each skin type’s individual needs, whether sensitive, normal or oily. If you have oily skin, for instance, a facial could include deep cleansing treatments, extractions and face masks to remove excess oils and tighten pores without over-drying.

Keep up with all the new skincare trends and treatments released every day can be challenging, but classic facials remain timeless beauty rituals which offer numerous advantages to your skin and body. Give one a try now!

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