Color-Safe Haircare

Colorsafe haircare

Color-safe haircare helps your colored locks retain their vibrancy between salon visits. Steer clear of shampoos containing sulfates that strip color faster.

Franzino recommends Shu Uemura’s shampoo and conditioner for colored hair as an elegant, sulfate-free choice that gently cleanses her clients’ dyed strands without damaging them, while being packed with refining lipids to leave hair shiny and soft.

Avoiding Sulfates & Surfactants

Sulfates tend to get a bad rep, and it is true that they strip your hair of its color and natural oils. When exposed to your scalp and hair, sulfates cause the cuticles to swell up which allows color molecules to leak out through broken cuticle bonds causing visible color change – this is why sulfate-free shampoos are crucial when dealing with colored and bleached locks.

Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash uses sodium cocoyl isethionate, a mild surfactant, to gently cleanse your hair without distancing or disrupting the cuticle layer. They also include anti-oxidants for color protection as well as skin-nourishing ingredients such as glycerin for deep moisturization.

Other tips for color-safe haircare include waiting 48 hours after dying your locks to wash it again, and limiting exposure to sunlight or chlorine by wearing protective gear and using leave-in conditioner when going outdoors in summer (and using one when going out in public). The most effective way to preserve the look of your new look is practicing overall hair health care and limiting heat styling too often.


Staying hydrated is crucial for both healthy strands and color retention. Without enough moisture, the cuticle weakens, leading to dye molecules quickly seeping out of each strand and out into the atmosphere.

An appropriate conditioner designed for color treated hair can help combat this loss and extend the longevity of dye treatments. Look for products free from sulfates, silicones and parabens as well as ones containing refining lipids to protect the cortex (where color lies) for an enhanced finish.

April Franzino of Good Housekeeping Beauty Director has found great success using Shu Uemura shampoo and conditioner due to their gentle yet effective cleansing without stripping away color. Their formula includes amino acids that lock moisture into the scalp for soft, silky locks that also boost bounce and shine.

When washing your hair, aim for water temperatures between lukewarm and cool when washing your locks. Overly hot water may open up your cuticle layer and cause dye molecules to wash away faster.

UV Inhibitors

Color-treated hair is highly vulnerable to UV radiation damage. This occurs because UV rays react chemically with dye pigment. A powerful UV inhibitor such as benzophenone-4 can help stop this damage and fade by absorbing UV rays and turning them into heat energy.

To best preserve your color, it is best to avoid long exposure to direct sunlight and wear a UPF-rated hat. Also when washing your hair be sure to use lukewarm rather than hot water as this could open up cuticles and dislodge color molecules from within them.

Conditioner for colored hair will also help keep cuticles closed and seal in color molecules, so look for one with antioxidants, natural oils and other protective ingredients to make sure that your color looks vibrant + vibrant! Using these products daily will guarantee vibrant + bright hues!


Hair styling is a multifaceted concept that incorporates personal expression, aesthetics and culture. Additionally, it serves as a great way to maintain healthy-looking locks post-coloring treatment.

Styling products and heat tools should be used sparingly and at low or no-heat settings in order to preserve your hair color. In particular, look for products which include UV protectors.

When shampooing, lukewarm water should be used rather than hot as hot water can open the cuticle of hair shafts, allowing dye molecules to escape through its cuticle and out through your locks. After each shampoo session, use conditioning conditioners as part of an attempt to preserve color retention.

One way to extend the time between dye job appointments is through practicing overall hair health: getting regular trims, limiting chlorine and sun exposure and using an excellent leave-in conditioner like Kusero’s recommended product, IGK Pay Day. He claims it helps replenish dry, damaged and over-processed hair instantly to repair, while many shoppers rave about its tropical peach fragrance leaving their locks feeling soft and silky smooth.

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