Dramatic Curls for Medmaid Hair

Dramatic Curls for Medmaid Hair

Mermaid hair is an increasingly popular trend that honors the mythical creatures’ timeless allure. Typically featuring long, flowing locks with eye-catching colors and captivating tones.

For a casual beach look, use a 32mm barrel curling iron to form loose and flowing waves; alternatively use a 25mm barrel for tighter, more defined coils. Mist damp hair with texturising spray to give extra lift and create soft beachy finishes.


Balayage is a freehand coloring technique used to achieve natural-looking, sun-kissed results on your curls. This less dramatic option than ombre and more versatile solution than highlights.

« Unlike foiling (where hair is trapped inside a foil to accelerate lightening processes quickly), which may damage fragile curl patterns, with balayage your colorist paints the highlights in random areas, » according to Todisco. In this way, regrowth is seamless and low maintenance.

The end result will be a warm blonde hue that blends flawlessly with lighter tones at your ends for an effortlessly glamorous effect. Unfortunately, however, it’s prone to brassiness so toners may be necessary between appointments.


Ombre is one of the hottest hair color trends, offering a subtle but eye-catching change to mermaid curls. This trend involves gradually dyeing from dark roots to light tips, offering dramatic or subdued results depending on your desired effect. You can go dramatic or subdued; just make sure that you select an ombre shade which complements your complexion; cool tones such as platinum blonde, ashy brown or blue-black are best for cooler complexions while warm hues such as caramel or honey tones will complement warmer complexions.

Remember that ombre highlights fade faster than traditional highlights; thus it is essential to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner, along with regular hair masking sessions, in order to extend their life and preserve their vibrancy.


Rainbow highlighted curls are an eye-catching and striking style, perfect for festival style or anyone seeking to make a fashion statement. Vivid streaks of color woven through dark curls create an artistic and playful vibe in this bold hairstyle.

Ribbon-like stripes of cool blonde hair atop darker base color create a romantic and sophisticated highlight look, similar to balayage but more dramatic in its effect.

For optimal results, this bold color trend requires regular maintenance – including trims and the use of sulfate-free shampoos and color-safe conditioners – in order to maintain vibrancy of colors while preventing dryness, frizz and brassiness. To cut costs and maintenance time down further, opt for low contrast highlights that fall within two shades of your natural base color.


Low-lights utilize darker tones to add depth to your hair color. Your colorist applies these darker tones strategically throughout your locks to create the illusion of natural transitioning from lightened shade to cool or warm undertones in your locks. They may also be used as a correction mechanism should your lighter shade turn out too light over time.

Based on your complexion and stylist, there are various shades of lowlights to select from; turquoise, seafoam green, lavender and pastel pink are just a few options available to create a beautiful ocean-inspired masterpiece that will turn heads.

As with any color service, finding the ideal stylist who shares your aesthetic is paramount to achieving vibrant hues that last over time. When booking an appointment with your colorist, request their portfolio as well as bring plenty of ideas with you for their appointment! Additionally, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and heat protectant products to maintain vibrant hues!


Integrating color into your curls is the ideal way to enhance their beauty, complementing DevaCut perfectly by creating highlights, lowlights, or multidimensional looks. This unique highlighting technique was specifically developed for curly hair and is less damaging than traditional foiling techniques.

Your stylist will use the patented Pintura tool to apply hand-painted color directly onto each coil, giving them the power to select which curls reflect light best and create that natural-looking ribbon of light look in your hair. This also ensures an even fade transition that makes for seamless results.

Curly clients love this technique because it looks natural compared to the blocky look of foils, plus it grows out beautifully so you can touch up your highlight in just one session!

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