Glistening Copper Hair Highlights

Copper hair hues are making waves, from the strawberry blonde strands worn by Gigi Hadid to rich copper tones seen on runways and beyond. If you want to experiment with copper hues yourself, consider layering color that hides damage while concealing root growth for maximum impact.

Lighter shades like peach copper offer an exciting twist to this trend. Use it as part of an understated blonde-base look, or use it on darker locks as an accent hue that pops against coffee-hued locks.

Copper Balayage

Bright copper balayage is one of the hottest trends on the market. Its warm tones make it highly adaptable, complementing various skin tones perfectly. Lighter complexions may benefit from shades of light-hued copper to accentuate natural undertones for an alluring ‘lit-from-within’ glow; darker complexions may opt for deeper copper tones to add contrast with their existing hair color and achieve dramatic results.

Balayage techniques deliver custom results, perfect for those who want a distinctive yet low maintenance style. From subtle to bold copper hues, balayage makes keeping their hues alive easy and hassle free with just a few lifestyle adjustments.

Avoiding excessive heat styling will help your beautiful copper tones remain beautiful by preventing damage and dryness. Regular touch-up sessions with color-safe shampoo and conditioner as well as using brassy-hair specific toning products like Trinity Protein Repair Tonic will also extend its longevity.

Red Copper

Red copper highlights add an engaging flair to blonde locks, giving them an inviting glow. The various tones of copper and blonde blend seamlessly with each curl for reduced damage and an appearance of healthy-looking strands. Plus, this style allows for periodic trims without changing its gradient gradient!

If you aren’t ready to commit fully to red copper hair, try opting for an allover copper glaze or dip dye on your ends instead. This vibrant shade looks best on healthy strands; so use color-safe products like dpHue Color Boosting Rinse to maintain this vibrant shade and keep its beauty.

Golden copper offers the ideal blend of warm copper hues with cool undertones. This shade features less orange tones and more brown hues, making it more subtle on dark base colors while being less likely to require bleach applications than its counterparts. Achieving golden copper results may require multiple steps so consult your stylist on your desired end goal before beginning this journey.

Copper Highlights

Copper tones can be particularly eye-catching on those with warm skin tones, as their vibrant hues complement their complexion’s undertones. But there may also be copper shades suitable for cool skin tones; consulting a professional stylist will help to find a shade suitable to both.

Sophie Turner elevates a classic look with this sun-washed copper shade worn in Old Hollywood waves by opting for a glossy treatment every month with a color specialist to keep the hue vibrant and reduce any signs of fade. To maintain this vibrant shade for longer, plan a monthly gloss appointment with them so they can ensure no signs of fading emerge over time.

Copper Gloss

Copper hair highlights can bring out a vibrant glow that illuminates skin tones, especially when used to lighten dark strands. Copper shades also work wonderfully for lightening blonde or strawberry brown locks as it warms up paler complexions while accentuating golden tones found in brunettes. If your client would rather forgo permanent dyeing appointments altogether, inquire into hair glosses; these color refreshers give hair an instantly refreshed shine straight from your salon appointment!

Create a gilded copper hair color by layering soft babylights over a strawberry blonde base. This rich shade is sure to flatter olive skin tones while complementing blue eyes while looking natural. To maintain its vibrancy, encourage your client to use sulfate-free shampoos and avoid over-washing to reduce color fade. Alternatively, Kristin Ess Signature Hair Gloss offers an innovative semi-permanent formula which refreshes and stops fade while simultaneously nourishing their locks with Shea butter and Perilla oil for optimal results.

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