Goldwell Colorance Benefits

Goldwell’s Colorance range offers demi-permanent hair colors designed to safeguard and nourish hair, making the selection process a crucial one for colorists. Their IntraLipid Technology works wonders on hair structure during coloring for healthy locks that look and feel luscious!

Our range features 76 shades that span natural tones and expressive fashion shades, as well as grey coverage options and Clear for tone and refinement without color penetration. Each formulation uses no ammonia for maximum hair protection with vibrant results that last.

No matter the desired result for your client, Colorance always delivers. Packed with IntraLipid Technology that can restore up to 70% of lost lipids during coloring processes and help repair hair during services, this innovative formula leaves clients’ locks feeling soft and manageable even after frequent or harsh color services.

Colorance’s shade range includes natural tones, fashionable fashion colors and tailored grey coverage options to meet every client’s individual needs and desires. Each hue can also be mixed together for endless customization possibilities! Additionally, its customizable mixing ratio enables you to tailor the strength of your color service according to each client’s individual tastes and requirements.

Colorance’s ingredients harness the power of nurturing ingredients for added strength, providing your hair with protection and care to withstand the challenges associated with coloring as well as weather elements. These essential components help strengthen hair to help ensure it can stand up against coloration processes as well as environmental stresses.

Colorance’s pH-balanced formula represents a marked upgrade over traditional alkaline permanent hair dyes, and when used with its matching System Developer Lotion provides up to 35% more gentleness than Topchic when coloring hair for up to three times longer! This unique combination ensures healthy-looking colorations results and beautiful, radiant locks!

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