Hair Cuts, Styling, and Hair Color 2024

Start fresh this year with a haircut or color transformation to give yourself a brand-new look in 2024. From trendy pixie cuts to sophisticated Italian bobs, these styles will surely set you apart!

This year, bronde locks are getting an upgrade with baby balayage while brunettes are adding depth by switching up their looks with flashy apricot red or seductive midnight black hues.

1. Baby Balayage

Babylights are an increasingly popular form of balayage, where hair colorists apply very subtle strokes of paint in very fine strands to achieve the sun-kissed effect without looking overdone. Babylights work especially well on fine hair that may otherwise look lifeless or flat; and also serve as an effective solution for growing out your length but need something extra until reaching desired length, especially those wishing to keep it light enough for beachy, effortless styling.

Balayage and babylights are two great techniques for those who are looking to reduce maintenance, as they require less time in salon. The primary distinction between them is that balayage involves painting a larger number of select strands to achieve a natural gradient effect; babylights on the other hand are much finer and less noticeable.

Whatever approach you take, speak to your hairstylist before making any definitive choices. An experienced colorist can assist in selecting an approach best tailored to your particular hair type and style as well as maintenance preferences.

2. Midnight Black

No matter the occasion, this dramatic hue makes an excellent statement of power and confidence. Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens have already fallen for its allure; olive-toned or darker complexioned women especially benefit from wearing it as it will emphasize these characteristics.

Although balayage remains a popular hair coloring technique, its new version for 2018 involves delicate and finely painted highlights over a rich, black base. This technique adds subtle dimension without major color change or maintenance needs and looks particularly striking in a blunt bob or stacked pixie cut style.

This season’s trendiest look is the wolf cut – featuring a shoulder or collarbone-length cut with tousled texture for an eye-catching, rebellious vibe. Celebrities like Sydney Sweeney, Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna have donned this daring hairstyle paired with band T-shirts or black bomber jackets for instant rockstar status.

2024 is all about celebrating one’s bold side by choosing an invigorating red hue. Deep burgundies or vibrant coppers have long been associated with increased self-confidence among clients who wear this vibrant shade. To extend its longevity further, add Malibu C Crystal Gel treatments regularly in-salon as this treatment removes minerals, buildup, and other impurities that cause hair color fade more rapidly than expected.

3. Scandinavian Hairline

Hair trends like Y2k denim, balletcore and Hailey Bieber’s signature bob are many, yet one style guarantees natural summer glow: Scandinavian Hairline (also known as Lift-Lights or Scandinavian highlights). This technique consists of lightening baby hairs surrounding your face to achieve radiant summer glow – much like what natural blondes experience during the heat of the summertime! This freehand highlighting process replicates what many natural blondes experience with bright hairline and baby hairs during this season – for natural summer glow.

This color trend offers an alternative to bold money piece techniques that have been trending recently, making it perfect for blondes seeking more subdued appearances. However, professional application of lightener should only be attempted under expert supervision in order to avoid blemishes or patchy areas of coloration.

Though this trend might not suit every blonde, the Scandinavian hairline technique works wonderfully on light brown or blonde bases and works particularly well when done two or three levels up from your natural hue. As your hair grows out over time, regular touch ups may be needed in order to maintain that fresh and sunkissed look of this Scandinavian hairline style.

As with any highlighting technique, when applying Scandinavian hairline highlights you should use color-safe shampoos and conditioners along with regular deep conditioning treatments to minimize risk of color fade. Limit heat styling as much as possible to minimize this possibility and detangle gently using wide-tooth combs for best results. Also it might be wise to invest in toner and protective serum such as RE/START (TM) Color Protective Jelly Mask which could extend its life even further.

4. Platinum Blonde Highlights

For an understated high-contrast blonde, consider platinum highlights on a light brown or dark blonde base. The warm tones present make this style look very natural and complement your skin tone perfectly. When communicating your desired look to your stylist, ask them for a mix of colors that comes as close as possible to platinum; this way you’ll avoid the damage associated with bleaching or dying your entire mane one bright shade all at once.

Long platinum strands framed around your face make an eye-catching statement, especially when combined with balayage or freelighting techniques that produce beautiful gradients for less frequent root touch ups. This option may also help those nervous of taking on full head platinum quickly to transition.

Platinum blonde with black roots is an eye-catching, high contrast and striking look, particularly suitable for cooler skin tones. This hue works best on medium to dark brown bases and can help blend gray or add brightness, as long as an experienced and knowledgeable stylist is chosen during the lightening process.

Icy silver blonde is an intriguing new variation of classic blonde that complements all skin tones, particularly pale and fair ones. It is a cooler version of platinum and often features darker roots called shadow roots which add depth. Additionally, this shade works great as an accent piece and pair beautifully with blue or green eyes for added contrast!

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