Hair Extensions In Montreal At Salon Deauville

Hair Extensions In Montreal At Salon Deauville

Salon Deauville Coiffure & Spa is Montreal’s premier beauty salon, providing comprehensive hair and makeup services. Their team of expert stylists specialize in reworking client appearance.

Hair extensions can be treated just like natural locks; just be sure to use conditioner and dye mix that match up with their natural hue.


Hair extensions can help create length, volume and even an entirely different style by adding length or volume, filling thin areas or covering gray hair. With such an array of lengths, colors and textures available for each one to choose from – you may even be able to match up strands perfectly, or perhaps try bolder shades that stand out!

Salon deauville is a certified hair extension specialist for Bellami great lengths clip hair extensions and Babe hair extensions, and their experienced team of stylists can meet whatever their clients desire and make their extensions appear natural and blend perfectly into their own hair and its color.

The Halo is an amazing extension solution, providing luxurious length and fullness without glue, tape or commitment. Crafted from 100% Indian Remy human hair, The Halo provides light weight comfort with natural-looking length and volume that is beautifully seamless and stunningly beautiful.

Great Lengths

Great Lengths offers long-lasting hair extensions designed to create full and glamorous locks. Their extensions are keratin bonded using traceable human hair sourced ethically; and their color pigmentation process guarantees your new locks match seamlessly with your existing locks’ hue.

Their experienced team of stylists can create any desired style imaginable, from subtle to glamorous full head of hair. Length, volume or both can be added easily for optimal maintenance.

They are known for their cutting-edge patented technology and use only premium hair, pre-tipped and attached using an exclusive keratin bond polymer to adhere to clients’ natural hair. This method is safe for most types of hair types and can last for six months when properly maintained; their GL Tape series offers less intensive solutions that can be installed or removed at home for temporary looks.

Clip Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions offer an affordable way to add volume and length without committing permanently, as well as being much less expensive than other forms of hair extensions. Clip-in extensions come in various colors and textures; it is important to find one that complements your natural hue or adds drama – for an unobtrusive effect, light shades might work best while darker ones will have greater dramatic impact.

When applying hair extensions, always begin by combing through and teasing your own hair to ensure the best grip and blend-in possible. Also teasing will help the extensions hold in their place better and maintain a natural look. When drying them off use air drying as this prevents damage compared to blow drying them with heat protectant spray; avoid sleeping or washing while wearing the extensions as this may lead to them tangling with your own locks resulting in knotted knots in both sets of extensions!


Babe Hair Extensions is the premier source for ethically sourced, handcrafted extensions designed specifically to meet salon professional’s requirements for length, fullness and thickness while remaining completely undetectable in client hair. Their revolutionary application method produces just the right combination of length, fullness and thickness that blend seamlessly into clients natural locks for an esthetic solution that lasts.

Babe offers 100% premium Remy human hair extensions in various lengths and volumes for an everlasting custom look. Their extensions can be curled, flat ironed and styled to achieve various looks – not to mention lightweight undetectable manageability!

To protect the extensions on your hair, it is crucial that you utilize a shampoo and conditioner without sulfates which won’t strip your natural oils away. Also avoid submersion in salt or chlorine water; always rinse and wash after swimming if possible, rinse out after every swim session if possible, use moisturizing conditioner right before bed to protect from knotted locks during sleep time – failure to do so could result in forfeiting deposits paid at appointments;

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