Hair Repair Techniques

Hair repair techniques range from DIY masks and deep treatments, to scalp massages and scalp stimulation sessions. But first, it is essential that you determine the type of damage your natural strands are experiencing in order to select an appropriate treatment suited to their unique needs – be they dryness and brittleness relief or more luster and suppleness enhancement.

Hair breakage is an all too familiar issue among many individuals. It happens when the outermost layer of strands, known as their cuticle, becomes damaged, leaving them fragile and susceptible to further damage. Causes may include blow drying your hair too vigorously or overusing hot tools, using tight elastics on wet strands, using too tight of an elastic on wet hair or brushing too vigorously or using rough combs on them.

Bleaching and chemical hair treatments can do considerable harm to your strands. Bleach’s harsh chemicals strip away moisture, leaving strands dry and brittle. Damaged locks can be more challenging to manage than healthy locks; that is why regular haircuts, using quality protective conditioners, and only applying heat styling products at the ends are vital in order to restore them back into shape.

If your hair is severely damaged, it may be wise to cut away those split ends. When left in place they can cause more harm by rubbing against other strands and fraying, while they’re more likely to tangle with nearby ones and create frizz or flyaways.

Cracked and lifted cuticles make severely damaged strands more susceptible to further damage. Although full repairs cannot be achieved for severely damaged hair, you can help minimize further damage by getting regular haircuts, using leave-in conditioner, and avoiding harsh treatments like bleaching or perming.

Keratin treatments are an effective way to rejuvenate and soften the hair damaged by heat-styling tools or harsh bleaching chemicals, and are the perfect solution for women with coarse, thick strands prone to breaking or tangling.

No matter the cause of your hair damage, these tips can help improve its health and elasticity. Simply by changing up your routine and adding gentle products such as serums or oils into it can make an enormous difference to your strands‘ health.

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