Hot Trending Hair Colors & Balayage For 2024

2024’s top hair color trends feature striking blends and subtle dimension. Ranging from iced blondes to copper tones, these hues will surely inspire your client’s next hair makeover.

Strawberry blonde offers a delicate, romantic style without entering bombshell territory. To make it more striking, ask your stylist to add rose gold highlights for added vibrancy.

Dark Chocolate Brunette

Deep chocolate brunette hair color is an effortless classic that screams elegance. Add some coppery bronze for added sexiness in this decadent shade for a timeless fall makeover or all year long strand renewal! Give this trending hue a try for yourself today and watch your strands keep their fresh appearance.

For an alternative take on the platinum blonde trend, ask your stylist for a chocolate brown-meets-golden blonde balayage. This subtle highlight color gives your locks the appearance of soft sun-kissed bronde without leaving behind an obvious line at the roots.

Silver highlights are an eye-catching trending hair color choice in 2024, yet you don’t have to dye all of your head to wear this cool-toned style. Instead, have your stylist add subtle silver streaks on top of warm chocolate brown balayage; their contrast will create an eye-catching and unforgettable effect that’s sure to turn heads this spring.

Copper Tones

Copper hair colors offer a fiery way to add dimension and warmth to brunette locks. Now, « baby balayage, » an artistic technique mimicking natural highlights seen in children’s hair, offers another way to update bronde. Cyd Charisse, hair colorist and Hairstory contributor suggests this delicate, finely painted trend as an excellent way for clients looking for natural dimension without major transformation or frequent upkeep.

Ash blonde remains a timeless, versatile shade. Cunningham predicts this cool-toned hue – worn by Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski among others – will provide you with an ethereal radiance this spring 2024.

Strawberry blonde is another lighter option that works well on fair skin tones, particularly Sophie Turner who showcased this shade with Old-Hollywood waves at Rag and Bone runway show and dusky rose lipstick. Sophie proved how stunning strawberry blonde can be when worn with an eyeshadow smudge and dusky rose lipstick combination at Rag and Bone runway show.

Baby Balayage

Baby balayage offers a sophisticated yet subdued alternative to ombre, making it the ideal way to add dimension without overdoing it. Think of it as traditional balayage‘s younger sister; baby balayage uses ultrafine strands of light to achieve a sun-kissed effect for brunettes seeking subtle definition without going all out.

Try incorporating caramel hues into your dark brown locks for an easy, low-maintenance style that’s highly flattering. The subtle gradations of color help frame your face for an entirely natural-looking finish.

Copper and vibrant red tones remain popular this season, while some unexpected shades such as mahogany or cherry cola have also made waves. Use it on thick dark brown hair for an eye-catching style that is sure to turn heads. Plus, this warm hue works beautifully on ash tones as well as effortlessly pairing with wavy texture – making this your summer must-have style!

Midnight Black

If your client wants to tap into their inner goth babe, this dramatic shade could be perfect. Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Katy Perry and Megan Fox have taken notice of this dark beauty trend which provides a touch of ’90s grunge with modern appeal.

If going all-out dark isn’t their cup of tea, honey brown highlights can provide a lighter take on this look that add warmth to brunettes or bring out blonde highlights. They provide an effortless way to give any transformation an individual and sunlit effect.

Ask your stylist for this effortless balayage technique that combines babylights and brightness around the face for a low-maintenance yet stunning result. According to Covington-Bowers, « this technique gives a more natural look by eliminating where regrowth begins, » as it typically achieves this style by painting or foiling very small sections near roots, before hand-painting light strands throughout.

Rich Red

At Barbie platinum still reigns supreme for summertime fashion trends, golden honey or carrot-hued blonde is an excellent way to add depth and dimension. Additionally, this shade lasts much longer than others in terms of duration, making transitioning darker shades easier as your hair grows out.

Brunettes can accentuate their color by opting for a deep auburn hue with lighter copper highlights. This shade works on most skin tones and looks particularly stunning when enhanced using baby balayage or ombre techniques.

Lastly, for something bold yet subtle yet stylish this season, ask your stylist to add « money pieces », which are accents designed to frame the face in an eye-catching yet subtle manner. Money pieces are an eye-catching trend and make a statement without making a commitment. Perfect if you want a full color change but are afraid of making the leap.

Caramel Balayage

Softer than its traditional ombre counterpart, this trend offers a chic look without dramatic color changes. Dark brunettes lighten their locks by incorporating caramel highlights that blend perfectly into their natural locks. Additionally, this hair color solution works great for those who want to lighten their locks without going all-over blonde.

If you’re a brunette with warm skin tones and looking to create a stunning and striking look, En Unison Salon’s caramel balayage could be just what’s necessary to bring out all of its beautiful warm tones and give your complexion a stunning, radiant appearance. By mixing caramel highlights into medium brown tones, caramel balayage highlights will accentuate those warm undertones while giving off an eye-catching and radiant effect.

If you are a cool-toned brunette looking to lighten their locks, try opting for silver balayage as a stunning solution. This trend-setting shade has become increasingly popular over time and will look fantastic against any skin tone. A smoky silver balayage creates an elegant and subtle look, perfect for all skin tones.

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