How to Apply Brown to Blonde Balayage

Successful balayage requires taking into account both your client’s base color and skin tone to select shades most suited for their strands.

Beach-inspired blondes with warm tones create an effortless, natural look that works well on brunettes with light to medium hair colors. This combination will complement those looking to go for natural-looking highlights as well.

Layered Lob

Long layered bob with its voluminous silhouette highlights this model’s cheekbones and jawline, while peek-a-boo curtain bangs frame her face even further, providing a pleasing contrast against platinum-blonde strands adorning her neckline.

A textured lob with balayage adds volume, movement and versatility. Perfect for women who desire a stylish yet subtle edge in their look without breaking away from classic and mature aesthetic.

This balayage technique involves painting lighter hues all throughout your locks instead of using highlight foils placed closer to the scalp for creating natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights – perfect for anyone wanting full head of highlights without the upkeep and damage associated with ombre.

Cinnamon Haircut

Dark brunettes looking to lighten their locks may want to consider adding cinnamon hair color for an instant brightness boost. This warm shade looks stunning on both wavy and curly locks, with highlights featuring cooler tones creating a fresh-frosted effect. To keep your tresses looking stunning be sure to use shampoos and conditioners made for color-treated locks to maintain beautiful locks!

Rihanna’s balayage highlights have a subtle orange tone, and her face-framing pieces stand out when she walks under certain lighting. Paired with her blonde crop top and blonde balayage pieces, this look exudes it-girl chicness. Additionally, this type of balayage works just as well on short haircuts, as shown by Keke.

Soft Balayage

Balayage highlights are an ideal way to add face-framing highlights or give your hair a sun-kissed hue. Your colorist hand selects which pieces should be highlighted to ensure a seamless transition and conceal any regrowth more effectively.

Foils create an unnatural-looking glow to your locks; with balayage you don’t have to deal with brassiness or orangeness either. But it requires more upkeep; toning is required more frequently to rid unwanted warmth in the form of warmth spots. Protect it further with thermal protection spray for lasting health and vitality.

Free-Form Balayage

No matter your desired look, balayage hair color technique offers the ideal way to achieve it. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements and fade-resistance make this the ideal technique.

While this technique takes more time and patience than foiling, it is less damaging to your strands – giving the impression of thicker hair! Furthermore, balayage creates the appearance of fuller locks.

For light brown hair, soft brunette balayage may be the ideal coloring solution. Choose between subtle ashy brown balayage or dark mahogany balayage options for optimal results tailored specifically to you and your personality. Your stylist can personalize their approach for maximum effect!

Bronde Balayage

For those who wish to lighten up their natural brown locks without losing its hue, bronde balayage offers an excellent solution. This technique blends warm golden tones into the mid-lengths and ends of hair for a stunning sun-kissed effect.

Blonde balayage works especially well on curly or wavy locks, allowing the highlights to move with their natural texture. Ask your stylist to free-form paint for an organic result.

For an eye-catching blonde hue, ask your colorist to combine cooler root shades and warmer blonde tones at the ends. This will produce an engaging and eye-catching result.

Glossy Balayage

Balayage is an effective way to lighten dark brown locks without all-over block dyeing techniques, as its application is gentler. By employing this approach, there’s less chance that its colour fades quickly or appears brassy.

This blonde balayage on dark brown hair features an intricate mix of warm and cool hues for an effortlessly natural result. Caramel-toned accents create subtle contrast against rich chocolate hues for an ideal look for those with wavy or curly textures.

Balayage is an incredibly beautiful technique for brunettes looking to lighten their locks, too. This custom color finish looks incredible on all hair textures from straight pin-straight locks to waves or coils.

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