Is DIY Haircare a Hot Beauty Trend?

Because hair and scalp health has such an influence on how healthy we appear, DIY haircare has quickly become an industry trend!

There are plenty of DIY treatments online which promise to leave your strands looking beautiful, full of life and even giving them salon-worthy shine – but not all are equal; in fact, some could actually cause more harm than good!

Due to many DIY haircare treatments being too harsh, such as strong acidic ingredients that strip the scalp and hair of essential oils and contain harmful chemicals like alcohol – this often leads to dry, itchy and flaky scalp conditions which in turn result in breakage or thinning of strands.

Concerns have also been expressed over the fact that many DIY treatments have not undergone rigorous scientific analysis to ascertain if they are any better or worse than commercially produced shampoos. As such, there is insufficient data available to conclusively show their efficacy or otherwise.

Though these concerns exist, it should be noted that there are DIY products which have proven their efficacy. Examples include natural oils like rosemary oil and coconut oil which help improve hair condition by stimulating regrowth and stimulating circulation; along with natural rinses such as apple cider vinegar or beer which remove build-up on hair.

Other successful DIY haircare products include botanical shampoos formulated with herbal extracts to cleanse the scalp without silicones or sulfates found in many commercially produced shampoos, natural nourishing conditioners that provide deep moisture to strands, gentle hair sprays, leave-in conditioners and mousses to support hair growth and volume, and styling products like gentle hair sprays to support growth or add volume.

homemade haircare products are straightforward to create and budget-friendly; made using readily available natural ingredients. Plus, they’re an excellent way to experiment with new formulas and the potential of natural products! If you want to discover how to design your own natural products, why not enroll in our Diploma in Organic Haircare Formulation course?

Our course shows you how to abandon the generic DIY haircare product « recipes » found online and create your own formulating approach with both practical skills and theoretical expertise.

By developing your knowledge, you can craft natural products that enhance the Pure Earth range – everything from gentle shampoo and scalp treatments, hair tea that supports microbiomes on the scalp, volumizing mousses and natural colourants free from synthetic dyes and chemicals – while at the same time honing manufacturing and bottling skills!

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