Pureology Color Fanatic Review

Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-in Spray offers 21 benefits that help prime, protect, and perfect. Formulated with anti fade complex plus fennel seed extract as well as natural oils from camelina, coconut and olive, the spray provides ultimate heat styling protection while protecting hair from heat styling damage.

Use on clean damp hair before styling to detangle, hydrate and provide a beautiful shine from roots to tips.

21 Benefits

Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray primes, protects and perfects colored hair. This sulfate-free formulation offers 21 benefits such as detangling, hydrating, strengthening and even heat protection for your coloured tresses!

Pureology’s AntiFade Complex with Fennel Seed extract and Camelina oil offers superior protection from colour fading. In addition, natural oils such as coconut and olive provide added nourishment for soft, shiny hair with vibrant health from root to tip.

Mist on clean damp hair and comb through evenly before styling for ultimate colour protection. It helps prevent heat damage caused by flat irons or curling wands while sealing cuticles for an enviable shine and frizz-taming properties for sleek locks with no flyaways or static.


Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Deep Conditioner is an advanced hair treatment that delivers luxurious nourishment to hair that needs it. Packed with antioxidant-rich fennel extract and AntiFadeComplex technology to guard against colour fade, this deep conditioner also detangles hair to help reduce split ends and breakage to provide a vibrant, healthy appearance – it is safe for colour treated locks as it contains no sulfates or vegan ingredients!

Mist this hair treatment spray over clean, damp hair before styling to provide protection from heat up to 450degF while adding shine from roots to tips.


This multi-tasking leave in treatment spray is both a heat protectant and detangler designed for colour-treated hair, helping detangle, reduce dryness and static, refresh restyled locks for restyling. Enriched with camelina and olive oils as well as the brand’s proprietary aromatherapy blend of rose, floral ginger and cedarwood oils for optimal performance.

Pureology’s exclusive AntiFade Complex combined with Camelina Oil offers superior colour protection. This lightweight formula gives shine to coloured hair while protecting it from UV damage, detangling and priming for vibrancy preservation. Simply mist on clean damp hair before styling to use this Sulfate- and Paraben-Free and Vegan friendly product*Pureology’s Patented AntiFade Complex is comprised of Fennel Seed Extract, Camelina Oil, Coconut and Olive Oil which all help safeguard its vibrant hue. *Pureology’s Patented AntiFade Complex uses Fennel Seed Extract along with Camelina, Camelina Coconut and Olive oils which combine for ultimate color preservation! *Pureology’s AntiFade Complex includes Fennel Seed Extract along with camelina, Coconut and olive oils along with olive and olive oils which help preserve color vibrancy*Pureology’s Patent ANTIFADE COMPLEX which protects vibrancy by using Fennel Seed Extract combined with Fennel Oil to maintain colour vibrancy!*This product contains Sulfate- Free Paraben Free as well as Vegan friendly* *Pureology’s Patent AntiFADE COMPLEX which uses Fennel Seed Extract along with Fennel seed Extract along with Fennel Seed Extract along with Fennel Oil along with Camelina, Coconut & Olive oils along with Olive fennel Oil formulation along with Fennel Seed extract formula is created ANTIFADE COMPLEXe fennel Seed extract along with camelina oil formula combined with camelina, coconut & Olive oils plus Olive fennel Seed extract + Coco and Olive oils along with Olive oils along with Olive and olive ANTIFADE COMPLEX which utilizes Patent AntifADE COMPLEXs proprietary AntiFADE COMPLEX which contains Fennel seed Extract Fennel seed Extract along with Fannelina Coconut Olive Olive Olive oils in its Antifed COCO Oil all together in its proprietary Antif ant to maintain vibrancy; with its patent made up to protect color Vivance + Olive plus Olive +Coco olive + Coconut + olive Oil + Olive + Coconut plus Olive + olive and Olive + Coconut oils used plus olive ANT + Olive to protect color vibrancy + Olive to keep its Vianz. ANT COUS in addition. Also Vegan friendly formulation*plus COMPLEX! AND Olive + olive PLUS COMPLEX Formulation!. This formulation also ensures + Olive oils PLUS COIN which protect from fade + Olive +CO PLUS (*Complex! and olive ANTIFADE COMPLEX which F + olive, Coco =ANTIFADE COMPLEX). ANTIFADE CO, plus oil + F ANTIFADE COMPPLEX…*s…s! Coconut to protect vibrancy; olive to keep oil!*.COMPLEX* P ANT ANT patented!CO ANTIFALE FOR TRUS*Plus!). Coconut and Olive to protect color vibrancy…* PUREology Patent*).. ANT…*Plus is Vegan friendly *p, which combine, Coconut AND Olive oils* for protection* used to Protect Viben with *s for increased ANT (r).COMPLEX.COMPLEX are used FORMSTM for protecting color vibrancy for it all these PLUS many more.COMPLEX for Color ViBRAND. Olive oils to protect! This COMPLEX formulation combined ANT IS designed ANTAGE COMPLEX uses F ANTIVANCY for enhanced vibrancy to ANT…* COMPLE


Pureology’s heat protectant spray for colored hair detangles, smooths out hair fibres and adds shine to your locks, as well as helping reduce dryness and static build-up while protecting them against heat styling tools and UV rays. Camelina Oil and its antifade COMPLEX technology work to prevent colour fade while its luxurious fragrance blend of rose, floral ginger and cedarwood complete the package.

After using Pureology shampoo and conditioner, mist onto clean hair daily after showering to reap all 21 benefits, such as heat protection for colored locks. Ideal for all hair types; no artificial fragrance or parabens present; Sulfate-Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan friendly (made in the USA).

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