Pureology Hydrate For Color-Treated Hair

Pureology hydrate

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner for color-treated hair offers unparalleled replenishment, touchable softness and outstanding color protection. Made with Jojoba, Green Tea & Sage to nourish strands while Soy, Oat and Wheat proteins strengthen and rebuild them all at the same time.

This hydrating shampoo offers gentle cleansing without stripping color thanks to its creamy ZeroSulfate formula and exclusive AntiFade Complex. Simply apply a quarter-sized amount to wet hair, lather it in and rinse thoroughly for best results.

Gentle on the scalp

Pureology Hydrate offers an effective ZeroSulfate formula that gently cleanses and deeply hydrates. The exclusive AntiFadeComplex helps preserve color vibrancy, while soy, wheat, and oat proteins strengthen your strands to deliver full head of beautiful locks that feel cleansed, balanced, nourished, never stripped – leaving behind an aromatherapy blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli that’s both relaxing and inviting!

This shampoo and conditioner are gentle on your scalp, so they won’t clog pores or cause dryness or itching. Plus, there are no synthetic fragrances or harmful ingredients present – making them safe to use on color-treated locks!

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner are specially formulated to nourish dry or colored hair, using ingredients such as jojoba, green tea and sage to nourish it while soy, wheat and oat proteins help reconstruct and repair. Plus they include AntiFade Complex for color vibrancy protection plus aromatherapy scents of ylang ylang, patchouli and bergamot for soothing aromatherapy benefits – not forgetting corn mint essential oils which add natural scents!

Great for color-treated hair

Pureology Hydrate is ideal for colored hair as it gently cleanses without stripping its color. Both its shampoo and conditioner feature ZeroSulfate formulas to preserve and resist fade-out of colour, with the latter also featuring Jojoba Oil, Green Tea Extract, Sage Leaves and Soy Protein to strengthen and bolster hair strength – it is free from Sulfates Silicones or synthetic fragrances!

Shampoo and conditioner in this range have been created using corn mint essential oils and peppermint extract, designed to nourish your scalp. Plus, both are sulfate-free, vegan products which help preserve our planet – gentle on both scalps and leaving your strands feeling silky smooth!

LaLa Daisy’s bestseller hydrating shampoo and conditioner sets are highly acclaimed due to their exceptional moisture-boosting ingredients, including jojoba, green tea, neem and sage that provide vital nourishing elements that prevent dryness and breakage while leaving hair feeling silky soft and smooth. Sulfate-free as well, these set include antioxidants to prevent color fading for soft silky locks!

Suitable for all hair types

Pureology hair products offer exceptional color care for clients of all kinds, so you can trust that each of their products are tailored specifically to each of them. Their Hydrate shampoo, for instance, is tailored specifically for thick dry color-treated locks needing an extra boost of moisture. Sulfate-free formula gently cleanses to remove oil, dirt and impurities while AntiFade Complex helps prevent color fading for vibrant and healthy locks!

Fine hair requires plenty of moisture but can quickly be weighted down by rich formulas. Pureology Hydrate’s moisturizing shampoo is silicone-free to avoid this issue and ensure your client’s locks will remain light and touchable soft! Plus, the shampoo features Pureology’s signature aromatherapy blend of ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli; perfect for all hair types! Now available online through Salons Direct for purchase – purchase Hydrate today!

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