Texture Styling – How to Add Dimension and Interest to Your Hair

Texture styling can add dimension and interest to your hair, whether you prefer natural coils and curls or want an additional dimension with some wavy texture in straight locks – using the appropriate styling products can help you reach the look you desire!

Although many may assume they only have one hair texture, most actually possess several distinct styles within their locks due to factors like hormones, diet and climate. While having multiple textures should not be taken as something embarrassing or shameful, you will need to pay closer attention to how certain products affect them individually.

There are six distinct hair texture types, and each has their own individual qualities that affect its look and behavior. Understanding these distinctions will enable you to choose styles and products appropriate to your individual hair texture type – essential steps towards maintaining beautiful locks!

Fine texture has delicate coils and waves, with tight coils at each individual strand that require special care and moisture for them to remain soft and supple. A gentle detangling and deep conditioning routine is key, along with avoiding overwashing (which strips your locks of their natural oils), using heat protectors when styling, and regular trims – these practices all serve to protect healthy locks against split ends!

Medium texture has looser yet more defined curl patterns than fine hair and is thicker overall, creating challenges to manage but offering versatility with casual or effortless styles such as messy buns or updos. In addition, medium hair holds more volume than fine hair for creating fuller silhouettes using various styling techniques.

Medium-textured hair can take advantage of various products, but especially products designed to add volume and bounce. Protein can help retain moisture in the strands, so try including a volumizing protein treatment such as the Curlsmith Fatty Fatty in your daily regimen for best results.

Curly texture

Curly hair features a dense, kinky curl pattern that can be difficult to manage. As it’s susceptible to dryness and breakage, regular deep conditioning treatments as well as regular trims are important. In order to minimize frizzing potential and avoid damaging sulfates/parabens in products is also key for curly textures.

Enhancing Volume and Movement

Texturizing treatments and styling techniques are an excellent way to bring out the natural textures in your hair, which in turn leads to effortless styles that seem as though they came straight out of bed! Enjoy added lift, grip, and tantalizing texture of your signature easygoing signature look.

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